Specializing in HF and Thermo contact welding, die cutting and printing we design and manufacture an exciting range of promotional stationery, presentation, and packaging products in PVC , PP and fluted Polypropylene.

Our Presentation range, manufactured in PVC and PP includes ring binders, presentation binders, dividers, wallets, folders, clear pockets, presentation pockets, display pockets, archival pockets, portfolio sleeves, self adhesive pockets, corner pockets, cd pockets, tax disc holders, book covers, policy covers, card wallets, credit union covers, textile packs, swatch covers, diary covers, desk calendars, travel wallets, cheque book covers, bank statement wallets, art cases, art case inserts, portfolio cases, promotional cases, studio cases.

All products can be finished with flaps, straps, handles, elastics, clip closures, top and socket closures, hook and loop closures, cd pockets, video inserts and name pockets.

All products can be screen printed, litho printed, foil blocked or embossed to customer requirements.

McIvor Industries Ltd
Co. Donegal.

Tel: +353 (0)74 9368146