Aidan Magner-Managing Director, Simple Supply Solutions Ltd.

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    Aidan Magner is the founder and principal consultant at Simple Supply Solutions Limited.  With over 20 years’ experience Aidan has accrued extensive knowledge in merging the disciplines of Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain management.  As Managing Director and Principal Consultant with Simple Supply Solutions Aidan guides companies in Lean & Six Sigma methodologies and in Supply Chain alignment.  Prior to setting up Simple Supply Solutions Aidan held various global positions in the high tech multinational sector, including Global Continuous Improvement Director, Global Sourcing & Operations Director, Supply Chain Manager and Six Sigma Projects Manager.  Aidan is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and holds a Masters in Supply Chain Management.


    Why low cost & low quality supply chains ultimately kill our brand equity



    There have been a number of high profile examples where major brands have been negatively impacted as a result of a sub supplier’s poor quality.  No consumer can ever recall that sub suppliers name, however we can recall the big brand names.  It behoves us to protect our brand equity by ensuring that our supply base has the same quality standard as we commit to our customers.

    In the era of business to consumer (B2C) and fourth party logistics provider (4PLP) the need to have robust and reliable supply chains is more and more critical as we get further separated from our suppliers

    The traditional deployment for Six Sigma has been on the factory floor.  For thirty years “Operational Excellence” has been deployed successfully resulting in billions of savings. In more recent years “Design for Six Sigma (DfSS)” has been deployed where organisations look to design products such that the problems do not need to be “fixed” in operations. Now is the era of Supply Chain Six Sigma

    Simple Supply Solutions utilise DMAIC and DfSS methodology to deliver lower cost, higher quality and more robust supply chains for our clients, therefore protecting your brand equity