Alejandro Rosales-Science and Technology Manager, Visum Ltd.

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    Alejandro Rosales (M.Sc. in Physics) is Science & Technology Manager at IRIS, a Barcelona-based advanced engineering company, the parent company of Visum Ltd. (Dublin). Alejandro manages the company’s Innovation Portfolio from a scientific and technological perspective and facilitates strategic alliances with providers of both knowledge and technology. His expertise comprises both theoretical and hands-on skills in several scientific and technological areas, in particular, spectroscopy, chemometrics and design of measurement instruments and their integration in industrial lines as well as management of R&D multidisciplinary teams. In his current position, he has been fostering the development of proprietary PAT (Process Analytical Technologies) solutions and Artificial-Intelligence-based Smart Management tools from a business standpoint.

    Title: MiniPAT (Process Analytical Technologies): real-time process monitoring for driving the Industry 4.0 paradigm towards the Factory of the Future


    Abstract: In the context of the process industries, the transition to the Industry 4.0 paradigm entails two radically novel approaches: On the one hand, replacing or improving traditional expertise-based static recipes with real-time data-driven dynamic process profiles and, on the other hand, providing the digitized decision support system with reliable analytical data, i.e., process analytical technologies (PAT), aimed at informing about what is taking place inside the process as opposed to merely reading external process conditions -as is typical with traditional automation. Visum Ltd. provides miniPAT solutions -a balanced combination of state-of-the-art online analysers and the engineering services for rationally integrating them in between the production line and the factory information system.