Anthony Collins- Group CEO, Topflight Travel Group

  • Anthony Collins was an early adopter of Lean Management processes, which have enabled Topflight Travel Group to achieve substantial improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction and cost reductions of over €1m per year.

    The company employs about 80 staff in its offices in Dublin, Brighton and the French Alps (including a Chief Lean Officer and two Continuous Improvement Mangers) and a further 150 seasonal staff overseas.

    Topflight Travel Group has hosted Lean Best Practice visits for Enterprise Ireland and the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation where it showcased its application of Lean to services and back-office processes.

    Beyond Manufacturing – Lean Back Office across Multiple Locations

    While much of Lean thinking is centred on Manufacturing, companies in the Services sector have excelled at the application of Lean to customer service, sales, software development, financial and administrative processes. Anthony will outline some simple steps it has taken to create a Lean culture and back-office efficiencies across multiple locations that have led to multi-million Euro improvements in business performance.