Arthur Middleton-Technical Director, Arthur Middleton Ltd.

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    rthur has 30 years experience in factory automation design, development and implementation. Since 2004 he has provided independent machine design and consultancy services, primarily focussing on automation of difficult processes.

    Clients include Dell Computers, Vistakon, Yushin Automation, Procter and Gamble, Hollister ULC, Festo, Quantum 3, Reconcile Engineering, TSM Control Systems.

    Presentation Title-

    Factory Automation: how to successfully deal with technical implementation issues


    First-of-kind factory automation projects often run into technical problems at implementation. This talk provides insight into how to successfully manage them.

    1. Why automate?
      1. Perceived benefits and how to assess if these are achievable.
      2. Personal and financial costs of not achieving these goals.
    2. Setting realistic goals for automation and User Requirement Specification (URS).
    3. Automation implementation problems and their causes.
    4. Collecting data and presenting in an acceptable form to the project sponsors.
    5. How to approach solving technical issues.
    6. What to do if not solvable within the constraints imposed by the URS.