Callum Poole, Senior Business Development Manager at Herbst Software

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    Callum Poole is a National Business Development Manager at Herbst Software, based in the Dublin. He has a BA. Hons International Business and German degree from Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a fluent German speaker and spent one year studying in Aachen, Germany. Having completed his four year degree he joined the McAfee graduate program where he held a role in Lead Generation. Upon joining Herbst Software, Callum assisted in the management of strategic accounts and development of the Herbst Software business in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom with focus on the Food market. Callum’s current role involves creation of sustainable growth for Herbst Software and its customers.

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    The Benefits of ERP in the Cloud and Mobile Solutions for the Food Industry

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Food production in Ireland has always been at the core of our economy. As the industry and technology has advanced over the years, many organisations have antiquated technology meaning they are not working effectively or efficiently. Herbst Software can bridge the gap in technology by delivering a fully integrated ERP which will automate your operations integrating your accounts, sales and purchases in the process. This real time insight will give your valuable information about all aspects of your Food Business from one system. Our cloud and mobile solutions will give key stakeholders vital information from anywhere in the world.