Callum Poole- Senior Business Development Manager, Herbst Software

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    Callum is a Senior Business Development Manager with Herbst Software. Callum has a wealth of knowledge of the software industry with a focus on ERP software. Prior to joining Herbst Software, Callum worked in network security. Callum and the team at Herbst Software are committed to enabling all clients and potential clients to achieve profitable growth and organisational efficiencies  through the implementation of Herbst Insight. Herbst Insight is a modular ERP system with all of the functionality required for your business. Herbst Insight is the most complete business management solution you will find on the market today.


    Presentation Title:

    “How an Integrated ERP System Can Help Your Business Grow”



    ERP software integrates all areas of your business so that every business function relies on a single database, eliminating duplication. This information delivers accurate, real-time information crucial to the manufacturing, engineering, distribution and food industries. The top benefits of Herbst Insight are to streamline processes, reduce costs and provide flexibility.