Claire Byrne- International Contracting Sustainability Lead, Mace Group

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    Claire Byrne is the Sustainability Lead for International Construction Unit of Mace Group, promoting and integrating sustainability in the construction of datacenters for two of the world’s leading Technology companies, including the largest construction project in Ireland receiving awards for top environmental management from British Safety Council. Claire has a number of years’ experience working in a variety of industries including transaction services and oil and gas. Her experience has been focussed on engaging key stakeholders and governmental bodies on environmental strategy and innovation, including publishing a guidance document for Defra and Environment Agency on Waste Management during her MSc at Imperial College, London.

    Presentation Title:  ‘Turning grey to green’

    Brief Outline:

    Mace Technology Ireland have a strong commitment to Sustainability and Green Construction, recently concreting this with the most recent RE100 commitment of 100% renewable energy target for construction by 2022. In this presentation, Claire will discuss Mace’s commitment to Sustainability, Mace’s strategy and what has worked well.  Claire will discuss the challenges of constructing datacentres, buildings when operational account for approximately 2 % of total greenhouse emissions, but also the opportunities which lie within building datacentres and the future.