Conor Murray- Principal, Contamination Control Expert

  • Conor Murray, 3dimension Cleanrooms, is an independent Subject Matter Expert in contamination control specialising in GMP Cleanrooms and Biosafety labs.  Conor has over 30 years experience in the design and construction of specialist cleanrooms and biosafety labs and since 2007, independently as 3dimension Cleanrooms.

    Conor represents NSAI as Head of Delegation at ISO TC 209 on cleanroom standardisation.  Conor is Convenor of the Biocontamination Working Group, WG-05 in CEN TC243.

    Conor is the Cleanrooms Convenor on the Health Care Standards Consultative Committee, (HCSC) of the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), advising the Irish Government and Convenor of the Irish Biocontamination Mirror Group. Conor is a founder member and current Chairman of the Irish Cleanrooms Society (ICS) and a past Chairman (2008) of the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies, (ICCCS).


    Cleanrooms & Manufacturing

    Brief synopsis:

    Cleanrooms are at the core of many high tech manufacturing operations.  Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments are part of contamination control in air or on surfaces.

    Cleanrooms are expensive in both CAPEX and OPEX and therefore must respond to the needs of manufacturing and add value throughout the lifecycle of the facility.

    This paper will deal with how Cleanrooms are becoming more flexible, modular and scalable.

    Cleanrooms can be entire manufacturing areas or Cleanzones for specific manufacturing process steps. Applications such as Food processing and require Clean spaces or clean controlled environments for protection of foods from pathogens or cross contamination where the emphasis is on biocontamination control of microorganisms.  And increasingly applications as diverse as Tissue Culture, Optics and Screen printing are affected by contaminants in air and  on surfaces, thereby reducing yields, product quality and reliability.