David McGoldrick-Human Resources Director, Comfort Keepers

    • David McGoldrick-Human Resources Director, Comfort Keepers's presentations

    David Mc Goldrick is currently HRD at Comfort Keepers / Sodexo.

    With has over 20 years of professional experience in HR, which spans from Retail, Manufacturing, Transport, Airlines, and HealthCare, working  for companies ranging from Dunnes Stores to Ryanair and now to Comfort Keepers

    David is ranked in the top 20 in the LEADHR 2016  top leader index Globally.

    TOPIC- HR and LEAN

    Brief Synopsis- For any organizations, it is always important to perform its tasks and services efficiently.

    This is also true in regards to the HR function, where the need to adapt continuously to new and increasing needs and requirements of the business is required.

    Data is becoming more available and this when inputted and review can produce improved results even with limited resources.

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