Dejan Cusic-Business Director, Ireland & UK at Comtrade Digital Services

    • Dejan Cusic-Business Director, Ireland & UK at Comtrade Digital Services's presentations

    As a business leader with many years of experience in the IT industry, he is passionate about helping organizations grow and actively pursue new business opportunities. Throughout his career, Dejan has acquired a rare combination of technology skills and business acumen that bring a unique benefit to clients he works with.

    Dejan has built an impressive track record of growing the business and delivering innovative solutions to our customers. He works closely with C-level executives to help them evaluate their business and technology needs, identify risks and challenges and recommend the best and most cost-effective IT solutions. His areas of expertise include helping clients with technology due diligence, scaling up/down of their delivery organisations, testing viability of products, integrating product/service offerings, and prototyping.

    Title: Agile Transformation part of the Digital Transformation

    Subtitle: Solutions for the top 3 “Agile TRANSFORMATION” Challenges.


    As part of their Digital Transformation journey, many organisations are doing “Agile TRANSFORMATION” of their delivery engine at the same time. It is very complex process which require very diverse set of managerial skills. In this session we will discuss what are the top 3 “Agile TRANSFORMATION” challenges and what are the solutions to those challenges.