Denis Gorey, Vice President of Operations at PACIV Ireland

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    Denis has over thirty (30) years of industrial automation experience in the areas of automation strategy, automation project management and automation design, for the Biopharma, Energy, Food & Beverage and process sectors. Prior to joining PACIV, Denis served for over ten (10) years as Automation Manager Life Science Application Centre for Rockwell Automation in Cork, Ireland. Denis is PMP certified.

    Instruments Receipt Verification

    Enjoy a presentation where you will learn about the requirement for Instrument Receipt Verification. We will look at the current conventional approach taken to this task and put forward an approach whereby the typical bottleneck at C&Q is eliminated for projects in the pharmaceutical and related process industries.

    We will demonstrate an innovative business model that reduces instruments project delivery time, while consistently delivering the right instruments on time to the project along with the right documentation to help ensure audit success.