Dr Baljit Singh – Senior Business Developer (Innovation & Business), Institute of Technology Tallaght

    • Dr Baljit Singh – Senior Business Developer (Innovation & Business), Institute of Technology Tallaght's presentations

    Presently working as Senior Business Developer at MiCRA Biodiagnostics; one of Enterprise Ireland supported and industry-led technology gateways at IT Tallaght. MiCRA client focus lies within chemical and biosensor technologies for application in human and animal diagnostics, dairy and agri-food production, environmental and water testing, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, materials/nanomaterials and industry contract services.

    I have led the development of a number of successful collaborative projects with dairy and food companies. My responsibilities include; research and business development, funding mechanisms and research proposals, client networking, delivery of short and long-term industry projects, project management and technical reports and IP commercialisation. I hold aDoctorate (Nanomaterials & Electrochemistry, 2011) from IT  Tallaght and M. Tech (Advanced Chemical Analysis, 2007) from Indian Institute of Technology–Roorkee. I have around 30 high impact research publications and 3 patents on sensors and microfluidic-diagnostic systems.

    Presentation Title:Rapid sensor technologies for food safety improvements.

    In this talk, I will outline how the technologies developed at MiCRA will improve productivity through food safety monitoring. The talk will illustrate our collaborations with numerous companies in the agri-food, dairy processing and brewing industries and how our technologies can be incorporated into their production lines.