Dr Barry Murphy-Chief Technology Officer, Electrical Analytics

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    Co-founder and CTO of power grid monitoring start-up Electrical Analytics. Barry’s background is with the Applied Physics Research Group, TCD, and he is applying his knowledge of data science to the problems being faced by electrical distribution grid operators electrical-analytics.com 

    Presentation title

    Monitoring the Heart of the Grid.

    Brief synopsis of the talk

    Traditionally the power grid is divided into three levels – Generation, Transmission and Distribution. We are interested in the low voltage transformers at the distribution level, just before the electricity reaches consumers.

    Grid operators generally have little to no monitoring on these assets, yet are facing major challenges at the distribution level, such as:

    • Connecting renewable sources
    • Better engaging with customers
    • Advancing the electrification of Heat & Transport
    • Delivering more reliable and reasonably priced electricity
    • Enabling flexibility in the network to support customers’ changing requirements
    • And improving network resilience to support growth and operational excellence

    We have built a custom hardware solution and analysis service that allows us to maximise the health and performance of power transformers on the power distribution grid. These assets are at the heart of the power system and the key to enabling a smart grid.

    I will talk on some of these challenges, our technology development, and how grid operators and large power consumers can mitigate some of the risks posed by new sustainable technology.