Dr. Con Sheahan- PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, UL

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    Dr. Con Sheahan, from UL, has a PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and

    Optimisation, a B.Eng. in Production Engineering and an MBA. He has extensive experience in coordinating EU funded projects, in FP7 and H2020, specifically collaborative research projects aimed at meeting the needs of industrial partners. Dr. Sheahan also has extensive experience in Supply Chain Management. He is Director of two Masters in Supply Chain Management, run online for Dell Computers and Infineon. Con has ten years industrial experience before joining academia.

    Title: iBUS –¬† An integrated Business Model for customer driven, custom product, supply chains

    Description: iBUS is an EU Horizon 2020 project, funded by the EU, to develop and demonstrate an innovative integrated business model, for the sustainable supply and manufacture, within the EU, of customised goods. The technologies include additive manufacturing (3D printing) and internet of things. Irish partners include The University of Limerick,  Entellexi, MCOR Technologies, WAZP and MOR Digital.