Emmet Kearney – Business Development Manager, TWi

  • Enabling businesses to further reduce Human Error rates and improve the efficiency of their staff training!

    Emmet is responsible for Business Development at Technically Write IT (TWi), a leading provider of technical writing and information design solutions, serving some of the largest companies in ICT, Life Sciences, Utilities and more. We focus on understanding your business needs and producing user-friendly documentation that has a positive impact on your business and manufacturing processes. We work on deliverables like user manuals, technical guides, online help, training material, and process documentation.

    Emmet has held leadership roles across many industries including engineering, bio/pharma, and technology, which gives him a great insight into varying approaches to achieving operational efficiency. Before joining TWi, he co-founded a technology start-up, and before that, he was the Managing Director of a multi-national Bio/Pharma product testing company in Ireland.


    Title: How effective documentation can further reduce human error rates and improve training efficiency.

    Synopsis: More than ever businesses need to increase production, lean their processes and “continually improve” to remain competitive in an ever changing and demanding environment. Innovative and progressive businesses are taking a fresh look at their documentation to ensure it is fit for purpose and not contributing to on-going human errors. Effective documentation underpins the systems upon which operational excellence and training programmes are based. In this presentation Emmet discusses a case study with a global biopharma company and shares specific industry best practices that can be applied across all businesses.