Fergal O’Byrne – Head of Business Excellence, NSAI

  • Fergal O’Byrne is Head of Business Excellence Certification at NSAI. He manages a wide client base of companies who typically are certified to the Quality Management System ISO 9001 with increasing number adding on Occupational Health & Safety Certification OHSAS 18001 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Business Excellence Certification division also deals with such issues as Social Responsibility based on ISO 26000, the Human Resource Specification ‘Excellence Through People’ and PEFC Forest Management & Chain of Custody.  The Client base ranges from the very small SME service companies to Ireland largest indigenous and FDI companies. The division consists of a team of 31 auditors based throughout Ireland, with audits taking place across all continents.

    Title of Presentation: ‘The productivity gap and income gap – what is going wrong?’

    Synopsis: Sometimes called the productivity paradox – why do official statistics fail to give real recognition to organisational improvements, including a drive for continual improvement and total quality with resulting growth? And why do many staff not feel that they share in this dividend of organisational improvement in a post-recession Ireland?