Iva Gaspar- Head of Demand Planning & Forecasting, City Wonders

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    Iva Gaspar is Head of Demand Planning & Forecasting for City Wonders, a leading European-based tour company that offers more than 200 tour experiences in 8 destinations to over 800,000 passengers per year.

    Having spent over 10 years working in Supply Chain Management Iva has a passion for process improvement and is focused on challenging the tourism Industry and the future of forecasting within the sector.

    Presentation Title: Forecasting in Tourism _ Predicting the unpredictable. The importance of Risk Assessment in Tourism Industry. (CITY WONDERS case study)

    Focus points:
    1)Forecasting in Tourism – considerations taken when producing a Forecast and the crucial value of accurate demand planning control
    2)Challenging the Future – the importance of Risk assessment in tourism. Seasonality and Volatility of the business
    3)Reshaping the future: what comes next?