Jack O’Sullivan – Director, Zero Waste Alliance Ireland and Managing Director, Environmental Management Services

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    Jack O’Sullivan has practised as an independent environmental consultant since 1977, and in 1981, he established Environmental Management Services (EMS) as one of the first environmental consultancies in Ireland. He is a founder member and a Director of Zero Waste Alliance Ireland, and he is also a founder member of the Climate Change Committee of An Taisce.  Jack is widely experienced in the fields of environmental policy and strategy; eco-auditing and environmental management systems; application of EU environmental Directives; planning applications, objections, appeals and inquiries; clean-up of hazardous and toxic materials spillages; waste disposal and landfill site evaluation; Environmental Impact Assessments, Screening Reports for Appropriate Assessment (required by the EU Habitats Directive); reviews of infrastructure projects; ecological surveys and baseline studies.


    Title: Climate Change and Waste Management


    Synopsis: This presentation describes the role played by waste, ​including food waste, how we generate discarded materials and goods, how these become “waste“, how we deal with waste, and will show how waste avoidance and elimination of waste will help to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, in both Irish and European contexts.  The Zero Waste approach, a practical way to eliminate waste, has an important role to fulfil; and the presentation will demonstrate the close linkage between Zero Waste and the

    Circular Economy, because if the stuff we use and subsequently discard (materials, goods, etc.) can be redesigned to so as to be repaired, re-used, recycled or composted, and do not end up as waste to be burned, that will make a very significant contribution to addressing Climate Change, as well as making more efficient use of scarce resources. We can therefore say that Zero Waste and the Circular Economy are complementary therapies for a planet which is being increasingly damaged by unsustainable exploitation of the Earth’s finite resources.