James Cogan – Engineer and Senior Consultant, EERL

  • James is an industry and policy analyst expert in EU climate, innovation and economic development policy. He’s a member of the Private Sector Mechanism of the UN Committee on Food Security and of the Council for Innovation in photonics in Italy. He has worked for the European Commission and its partners on innovation finance and innovation project development. He advises Ethanol Europe Renewables Ltd on innovation, biofuels polocy and the bioeconomy. James has a degree in electronics engineering from UCD and an MBA from TCD.


    Presentation title:  Sustainable Transport Fuels and Bioeconomy Innovation.


    Synopsis:  Conventional agricultural crops are the raw material for a highly sustainable bioeconomy producing food, materials and climate friendly energy.  Irish firm EERL is Europe’s most active active bioeconomy investor, the operator of one of the world’s largest biorefineries and developer of a range of antibiotic free and GMO free animal nutrition products that are helping Ireland maintain its place as a high quality and high value food producer for Europe.