Kieran O’Byrne-Managing Director, ECCL

  • Kieran runs a specialist Communications Consultancy, ECCL that offers stakeholder engagement, PR, communications and crisis management. He has a Degree in Zoology and has spent the last 28 years, as a communications consultant advising organisations such as; Gaeltech, BNRG, Irish Water, Xstrata Mining, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Greyhound Recycling, and ERP.

    Presentation Title

    Stakeholder engagement / community liaison – or how to get your project through the planning process.

    Brief Synopsis

    How to bring stakeholders on the journey “with” the project from conception, to Identifying the “need” through planning and onto completion of the project.

    Stakeholder engagement requires empathy and real communications, is two way and is not just a “tick box” exercise.

    What happens when we really communicate and the lessons we learnt from successful and unsuccessful projects to date. (Wind farms, solar farms, mining projects, water projects)

    How often should you communicate and what happens when you don’t?