Krzysztof Gapinski, Continuous Improvement Engineer- Perigord

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    Krzysztof Gapinski is the Continuous Improvement Engineer at Perigord for both the software development and artwork management solutions section of the business. Krzysztof has solid experience in operational process improvement. Currently he leads the global implementation of Lean Principles in Perigord.


    Lean Thinking and its Application in an Office Environment


    Krzysztof Gapinski will share his journey of Lean transformation at Perigord. The presentation will address the following topics:

    How to apply Lean manufacturing technics in the office.

    The changes implemented on the level of processes and the results achieved.

    The transformation from leadership perspective (the role of management, connecting strategic objectives to front line team members).

    The transformation from team member perspective (involving of all team members at every level, communicating the purpose of the Lean Approach, employee idea generation)