Maria Ryan, Managing Director- Crystal Lean Solutions, Ireland

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    With diverse experience in Engineering Design, Quality Management and Continuous Improvement within Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Food, Healthcare and Engineering sectors, Maria is a high. ly regarded Lean Change Agent. Through creating a culture of problem solvers, typical project achievements include €500k cost savings, 32% Productivity improvement and 20% Scrap reduction.

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    Human Error Prevention enabling Competitive Advantage


    With the US National Safety Council reporting that “70% of all Airline Crashes are caused by Human Error”, the Airline Industry have pioneered a new, successful, approach to Human Error prevention. Leveraging their experience, this presentation identifies the key benefits of a Human Error Prevention based approach in terms of Quality, Safety and Productivity. It challenges the traditional approach of “retraining” as a preventative action and identifies the four real key drivers of “Human Error”. Lean tools that prevent human error are also identified and aligned with the key phases of a Human Error Preventative strategy.