Noel Gibbons-Lead Programme Manager, Anecto

  • Noel Gibbons is a vastly experienced engineer in many areas of package testing, package integrity testing, quality and international test standards.

    Noel has provided training and presented seminars internationally on medical device and pharmaceutical package testing including ISO11607 requirements and other standards.

    Noel is also a member of the external expert committee for the NSAI and a member of the F02 Packaging Integrity and D10 Transportation committees for the ASTM.

    Presentation Title

    Common pitfalls and failures when integrity testing to ISO 11607.

    Brief synopsis of talk

    This talk is a brief outline of the common issues that face manufacturers of medical device packaging when they integrity test to the ISO 11607 standard (packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices).

    Noel will briefly highlight some of the questions that manufacturers may not have considered in the development of a package and the importance of the various packaging considerations from the earliest days of the medical device product lifecycle.