Rebecca Kavanagh – Recent Graduate, Marine Planning for Sustainable Development

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    I am motivated, recent graduate in Marine Planning for Sustainable Development.I specialize in the areas of Environmental Policy, Ocean Governance & Marine Management, Energy Policy, Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Development. I am passionate about the growing demands for the development of Renewable Energy projects, sustainable growth and continuation of both traditional and upcoming marine activities, whilst safeguarding the environment.


    Presentation Title: Lessons Learned from the Marine Spatial Planning Process: Taking a closer look at the role of MSP in Ocean Energy.



    This presentation portrays research that explores lessons learned throughout the process of Marine Spatial Planning and its role in Ocean Energy. Working together to meet current environmental, energy and sustainability issues has become an increasingly emphasised lesson that has come up time and time again through various MSP projects and strategies over the past number of years. Support and knowledge transfer amongst the various stakeholders involved are imperative to meet critical deadlines. Drawing upon multidisciplinary expertise is possibly one of the most important lessons to have been learned throughout the MSP process.

    The presentation will highlight the value these lessons have brought to the table and the ever-growing importance of its effects. Competition for maritime space is ever increasing. This is largely due to the use of this space and the activities taking place within this space is becoming more intense. This competition often leads to conflict amongst the multiple sea-users, the environment and its resources. Addressing ocean governance and marine management issues as a means of resolving such conflicts is increasingly important. The need to adopt a holistic, ecosystem-based approach lies not only in the interest of the environment, but creates a vision for different stakeholders. It also has the potential to provide a balance between socio-economic and environmental interests, reducing conflict and creating a larger scope for sustainable development of the marine environment.