Robert Hernan- Senior Lean Specialist, Enterprise Ireland

    • Robert Hernan- Senior Lean Specialist, Enterprise Ireland's presentations

    Senior lean specialist in Enterprise Ireland’s Lean team. Currently supporting Enterprise Ireland’s food companies in implementing Lean transforms. Previously managed Lean Start and Plus business offers. Managed the successful Lean for Micro (LEOs) pilot in 2015 and supported the roll out of the IDA Lean initiative, 2016.

    Previously was the technical manager in accredited ecotoxicity laboratory.


    Lean for Micro Synopsis:



    Lean Management Systems have been supported by Enterprise Ireland (Lean Business Offer) since 2009 and also by the IDA and Udaras to much success. In 2015 a Lean for Micro pilot was run by the LEO offices in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland. A pilot was also carried out in Donegal. A total of eight LEO offices and 23 Leo companies were involved with considerable benefits accruing.  IN 2016 a further 12 LEO offices and 30 companies participated in a Lean programme with more expected to be involved In 2017,with government funding specifically available for Lean for Micro, all 31 LEO offices have provided a Lean offer with more than 150 LEO companies participating. The presentation will review the Lean for Micro progress so far from pilots to progress to prospects.