Samantha Magee-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Symposium Learning

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    Samantha Magee, following 20 years career in corporate, leads Symposium Learning, a Management Consulting agency that specializes in Experiential Leadership. Graduate from Milan Accounting and Mercantile Law, with an MA in Philosophy, (UCD), Samantha cooperates with IBEC, Trigraph and other organisations in Ireland & UK in Performance Management development and support.


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    Empathy: the most radical human emotion- cit. Gloria Steinem


    Synopsis: Empathy is a core skill for managers and leaders. Paraphrased as “walking in somebody else shoes”, empathy demands to connect with colleague at a deep emotional level . Often ranked in the top 5 key characteristic, it is only one of the most elusive skills to master. The Reason? To attempt to walk on somebody else shoes is not empathy: a far too great mental leap which leaves us a further step behind a valuable professional connection