Scott McInnes – Founder & Director, Inspiring Change

  • For over 20 years Scott McInnes has worked in-agency and client-side with brands including PA Consulting Group, Hewlett-Packard, Ulster Bank, AIB and London 2012.  Based on a strongly held belief that a business’s success is driven by its people, Scott founded Inspiring Change to help organisations connect with their people in a way that’s clear, memorable, inspiring and authentic.  This leads to better staff engagement, more openness to change and, as a result, better business performance

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    Bringing your people through change.


    When organisations change, they need to do it in a way that ensures they attract and retain the right people.They need to bring their people on a change journey that keeps them engaged, involves them and ensures that you create a culture in which those people can flourish and grow, benefiting them and your business.  In this short session we’ll touch on the three cornerstones of a strong Change Culture – an emotionally engaging company story, engaging leaders and ongoing communications.