Sinead Moore-Teacher/Social Justice Advocate

  • Sinead is a secondary school teacher and social justice advocate with a keen interest in sustainable development. She is a member of Comhlamh Trade Justice Group who create awareness of the impact of trade deals. Sinead actively campaigns on the issue of conflict minerals and the need for fair trade technology.

    Talk Title-

    The importance of and possibility of Fair Trade Technology.

    Talk Synopsis-

    Outline some key legislation that is addressing this issue of supply chains, such as the Frank Dodd act 2010. I will allude to the work of ‘The Enough Project’, an American based charity that conducts research on Corporation’s progress in tracing their minerals. I will also highlight what some corporations like Intel are doing in order to trace their minerals and ensure conflict free resources.  I will speak about Fair Phone, a company that works with the miners ensuring sustainable livelihoods and no use of conflict minerals.