Tom Gilligan Director of Services, Mayo County Council

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    I am a Director of Service with responsibility for the delivery of key infrastructure for the economic and community benefit for citizens in County Mayo. I am a key member of the Council’s Management Team that identifies key priorities that lead to the delivery and execution of the County’s strategic goals and objectives. I develop and manage effective working relationships with all stakeholders. I lead and manage staff within my directorate to ensure the effective delivery of service team plans. I optimise organisational structures and operating systems to ensure delivery of strategic objectives and execution of the Council’s change agenda.

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    Procurement and Local Government: The delivering of Savings, Efficiencies and Real Reform.


    The Local Government sector has recently gone through a period of significant reform particularly with the dissolution of Town Councils which has seen the number of local authorities reduce from 114 to 31. The economic environment that today’s local authorities operate in requires a procurement function that is efficient, effective and delivers real savings. The onus on local authorities now is to do more with less as evidenced by the LGER implementation Report that highlighted the fact that the sector made savings of €108.8 million between the period 2010 – 2012 with an additional €13.9 million in procurement related savings between 2013 and 2014.