Uri Zilberman- Regional Director, UK & Ireland, Priority Software

    • Uri Zilberman- Regional Director, UK & Ireland, Priority Software's presentations

    Uri is an experienced IT software sales and business development professional with close to 20 years of experience in the industry. Market-savvy, his track record includes senior positions at several software companies where he successfully led the introduction of new technology, products and services to the market.

    Presentation Title- True Digital Transformation Inside Your Organisation

    Presentation Synopsis-

    As we move further into an all-digital, all-things-connected world, one way or another, we’re all becoming a new generation of budding entrepreneurs, company CEOs and software developers. This presentation will take an albeit, quick but honest look into the makings of digital transformation in the organisation, with a focus on what mobile has brought to the fore. For companies and organisations who are committed to change, to a 100% digital transformation, it’s much more than merely integrating new tools or apps. It’s about making smart choices that will shorten turnaround times, save on costly IT and other resources and ultimately, enhance the customer experience.