• Lean management systems and continuous improvement programs focused on adding value for the customer whilst simultaneously reducing waste are being increasingly adopted by manufacturers and other types of businesses. Benefits include enhanced productivity, improved efficiency and streamlined processes, resulting in increased competitiveness.

    Once the preserve of large manufacturing businesses, a lean and continuous improvement approach is now being taken by businesses of all sizes and across different sectors.

    Indeed, the revolution in digital technology is helping to drive interest in lean and continuous improvement systems in a bid to ‘work smarter’, and those companies that fail to act may soon be at a serious competitive disadvantage.

    However, while the implementation of a lean manufacturing philosophy and practices can transform an organisation and energise its workforce, for the improvement to be continuous requires a shift in management culture.

    Lean & Continuous Improvement 2024, which is co-located at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition, being held at RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin on the May 28th-29th 2024, will provide visitors with an insight into implementing a successful lean and continuous improvement program, tailored to their specific needs, in order to drive business development and efficiencies.

    A comprehensive conference program is being arranged featuring speakers from leading national and international companies that are exemplary leaders in this field, who will offer practical advice and expertise. Lean & Continuous Improvement 2024 will also incorporate an exhibition of the latest solutions available to businesses.


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