John O’Boyle, co-Director- Xenergie International.

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    Systemic Culture Transformation –  Developing cultural capacity for a very different future  


    Our transforming world is creating polar shifts in more ways than the environment, leading to changing expectations in behaviour, and resulting chaos in the transition between paradigms.   The feeling inside organisations is often a profound sense of overwhelm.

    How can we better understand what is really happening below the surface of what is seen?   What is needed for organisations to rise above the sense of overwhelm? How can managers and staff come to grips with what is now required of them?   John O’Boyle discusses practical ways to get to grips with these questions and some thoughts on how to establish organisational processes which will prepare people for a very different future which will require them to  shift to a more systemic way of working, with better teamwork and awareness of connectivity through groups and networks that all together enable better outcomes.