Rob George-Senior Asset Care Manager, CooperVision.

  • Part of the Cooper Company, Inc. (NYSE: COO), headquartered in Pleasanton, California, CooperVision is a $1.5 billion dollar global business with 7,800 staff and sales in over 100 countries. It is one of the largest contact lens manufacturers in the world.   Rob George is their UK Asset Care Manager and is responsible for increasing output, reducingcost per unit, while maintaining world class quality levels at their site in Southampton.

    Presentation Title:

    Learn how leading manufacturer CooperVision increased their OEE and efficiency by over 20% by “following the data”.


    Rob and his team have taken the business on a journey that they now call “The Science of Manufacturing”. Key strategic issues for the business meant we struggled to supply our growing market share using current platforms. We had run out of space to install new platforms.  We had to think differently, our baseline OEE metric demonstrated we didn’t need new factories or lines. We switched from a manual/spreadsheet OEE system to dedicated OEE Software from Tipperary based OEEsystems International.  Using PerformOEE™ in two years we achieved a 29% increase in volume, 68% reduction in unplanned downtime, 18% reduction in cost per unit, 20% increase in OEE, 5% increase in yield and our investment pays for itself every 14.2 days.  In his presentation Rob will share the importance of “Following The Data”, “Working as One Team” and “Locking In Gains” on their Continuous Improvement journey.