Barry Wadding – Business Development Manager, Lightsource

    • Barry Wadding – Business Development Manager, Lightsource's presentations

    Barry joined Lightsource in 2016, following 12+ years of international experience working on utility scale projects. He has been instrumental in the development and promotion of a range of utility scale and power purchase agreement solar projects across the Republic of Ireland. His extensive experience in business development and the management of acquisitions has been a key asset in Lightsource’s expansion into the Republic of Ireland. As part of the ongoing push to diversify the energy mix, Barry is also working on the development of solar and battery installations on new and existing windfarms.

    Title: Solar Power Purchase Agreement

    Summary: Solar power is fast becoming the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment. Our solar electricity will meet your energy needs without capital expenditure. Lightsource offers a fully-funded solution whereby the electricity is delivered and billed through a long-term power purchase agreement.