Ian Patrick McEvoy-Systems Implementer, OSSM

  • Over the years, equally at home on the factory floor or running a large design and manufacturing multinational, Ian McEvoy has become a passionate Systems and Cloud advocate. During his career, he has implemented 15 ERP systems of different flavours and all bar the last two, in his own companies. The last four have been cloud based multinational and by far the simplest and most enjoyable implementations.

    A Civil Engineer by profession, he has morphed into a software engineer, via Electro-mechanical to becoming a very content generalist in all things. Integrity and making work fun and a factory a fun place to work are his values. The results always follow as night follows day.

    When not actually working, the family home is the Haute-Savoie region of France, where they enjoy Cycling, Skiing, Walking and Windsurfing

    Presentation Title- Manufacturing and the Cloud

    Thanks largely to Apple and Google, security of “my data in the cloud” is no longer the biggest question I get related to Cloud Based ERP systems. That fact, combined with significantly lower infrastructure costs of these systems, has led to an explosion of their use.

    What, however, are some of the hidden advantages and disadvantages that are not immediately obvious?

    On the advantage side, we will explore things like centralising and/or  subcontracting some of the functions – and examples will include – Master Data, Finance, Demand and Supply Planning, Procurement

    On the disadvantage side we will explore the difficulty in businesses becoming functional silos with less local ownership”