Ingrid De Doncker- CEO, iDDea.

  • Ingrid is the founder of iDDea and the inaugural PTI, Procurement Transformation Institute.

    iDDea is a full life-cycle strategic sourcing powerhouse, that enables companies in reducing costs, improvingprocurementimpact on the bottom line.

    The PTI, while partnering with 9 procurement competency centers in Europe, is positioning procurement as a preferred career for today’s and tomorrow’s professionals for the benefit of competitiveness, job creation and innovation for organisations of all sizes in Ireland.

    Title: The ROI of professionalising the procurement profession.

    Procurement is still seen as an administrative gatekeeper function rather than a profit center which directly benefits the bottom line margin. Research shows that top-performing Procurement teams save on average 10% more, experience 22% higher net profit margins and generate 7% in incremental revenue. Understand how your company can improve better bottom line profit results.