Katrina Macintosh-Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast

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    Katrina works on phosphorus (P) at Queen’s University Belfast.  She investigates P recovery from wastewater using advanced treatment and re-use, and the networks of policy, decision support tools and on-farm practice that informs livestock manure management.  She has a background in catchment science and freshwater ecology.

    Presentation title: Embracing the complexities of phosphorus sustainability on the island of Ireland


    Brief synopsis of talk: Phosphorus (P) is a finite, life essential element, which has important implications for global food security.  P is one of 20 materials listed by the EU as a ‘Critical Raw Material’ and the EU now recognises its high vulnerability to P scarcity.  P losses from catchments to receiving water bodies causes eutrophication and declining water quality.  Judicious P management is therefore vital to supporting growth in the Irish agri-food sector, which is integral to Ireland’s economy.  Achieving intensification in this sector is intrinsically linked to the sustainable management of waste residues (livestock manures; dairy and slaughter house waste etc.) to protect the environment and ensure regulatory compliance, both now and in the future.  Establishment of an Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform offers a coalition for action to drive forward a nutrient circular economy, via ‘joined-up thinking’ on sustainability, thus delivering on production and environmental targets.