Lucinda Creighton – Founder, Vulcan Consulting

  • Vulcan Consulting provides in-depth analysis of the changing regulatory environment in Ireland and at the EU level, flagging major changes and providing expert strategic advice to companies on how to anticipate and influence change.

    Our founder, Lucinda Creighton, is a former Member of Parliament and Minister for European Affairs in the Irish Government, with extensive knowledge of the regulatory and bureaucratic systems across Europe.
    We provide unique insights, analysis and advice for companies who deal with the complex and ever changing regulatory environment. Among the many areas of our focus we deal with a wide range of issues, in particular the pharmaceutical, technology, aviation, agri-business, telecommunications and financial services sectors.

    Headquartered in the heart of Dublin and with a significant presence in Brussels and throughout the EU, Vulcan Consulting is expertly positioned to offer specialist advice to growing businesses and multinational companies on complex domestic and EU regulation.


    At Vulcan Consulting, we know that effective engagement with public affairs audiences needs to be carefully planned and executed. Politicians, public officials and regulators – and the large number of stakeholders and media around them – need to have good reasons to meet and to take into account any messages delivered to them. Finding the common ground – the ‘win-win’ between their objectives and the wider public interest – is the key to success.

    Knowing our clients well and understanding the context of their needs is essential to the way that we work. Delivering effective, practical advice requires genuine insight into their objectives and culture. New projects usually begin by developing an in-depth understanding of their issues, exploring potential scenarios and defining the best approach to achieving your goals.

    Vulcan Consulting provides the following services:

    – Analysis of the regulatory environment and impending regulatory changes in key sectors
    – Strategic advice on interaction with the government environment at all levels, including in Brussels and the 28 EU Member States
    – Communications support for corporate entities and business leaders
    – Crisis management – Support and rapid response