Rohit Thakral-CEO, Target Integration, Ireland

  • With an experience of working for more than 11 years in the industry, Rohit Thakral runs a mid-size software development company, Target Integration, spread in 4 countries, with development centre in 3 of them. He has the experience of managing large CRM and ERP implementation projects, cloud migration projects, and software sales management. He has a remarkable reputation in the industry for successfully delivering a number of projects to clients all over the world and has been consulting their ERP and CRM implementations on a regular basis.

    Presentation Title-

    Blockchain for Supply Chain Management – More than Crypto Currency”


    A quick overview of Blockchain will be followed by how Blockchains can be used in improving the supply chain of an organisation and how the transactions can be securer. We will discuss some of the scenarios of where block chains can be useful. And how ERPs of future will have to integrate and support Blockchains.