Stuart Nelson – Principal Consultant, Jigsaw Consulting

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    Stuart is principal consultant with Jigsaw Consulting and works with organisations to solve problems and enable them to develop a Growth Mindset.  Stuart bring over 20 years’ experience managing teams, coaching, training, and consulting, to the analysis and improvement work he carries out.  Using tools from Lean, Six Sigma, and Design Thinking, and techniques such as coaching, mentoring and training, he is in a unique position to guide the person and the process through the change cycle.  Stuart holds 3rd level qualifications in Psychology, Innovation, Lean, and Six Sigma and has researched and published in Leadership, Psychological Safety, and Employee Engagement.  Jigsaw is an approved provider of the Enterprise Ireland Lean offer.


    Lean Mindset: The Culture and Tools for Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving.

    Today, everything is moving faster yet the business environment is more complex.  Opportunities to grow are everywhere but are rarely obvious and innovation is key.  The first step is creating a climate where an innovation culture can flourish.  This is a climate where team members all have a Lean Mindset and this talk will show you the steps to achieve this and then outline how Innovation, Design Thinking & Lean can add great value to your business.