Tony Mannion- Sales Development Manager, SolutionsPT

  • Tony joined SolutionsPT in June 2002 bringing over 15 years of sales experience from various industries.  Tony, Sales Development Manager, develops value add solutions for OT customers by taking mainstream IT innovation to the plant floor, enabling manufacturers to get maximum benefit from their Control Systems, based on their own particular circumstances.


    Presentation Title: The OT Cyber Security Landscape


    Brief Synopsis of Talk:

    The OT Cyber Security Landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation – impacting not just the shape of the OT cyber solution but having the potential to change the dynamics of the demarcation between IT and OT.  Fuelled by recent high profile cyber-attacks and the ongoing technology convergence. With their extensive market interaction, SolutionsPT are ideally placed to both monitor these changes and to support their customers with effective pragmatic solutions.